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Resistance Mounting Against Gates Budget

According to a report by Politico, defense lobbyists, veterans groups and other supporters of a robust defense budget are forming a political garrison against a philosophical restructuring from Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

The brewing storm is leaving many industry insiders wondering whether Gates’ plan will end up all wet – like the many who have battled Pentagon interests in the past.

Gates has made clear he wants to see a reduction of overlapping bureaucracy, a fresh look at military health care and restructure weapons purchasing.

According to Politico, “the Center for Security Policy, led by Frank Gaffney, a Reagan-era defense official, is lining up with other conservative groups to re-energize the slogan ‘Peace Through Strength,’ billing Gates’ proposal as a step toward ‘hollowing out’ the military.”

“This is the antithesis of peace through strength. The alternative is, you weaken yourself and invite aggression,” Gaffney told the Washington-based publication. “It’s proven to be a mistake time and time and time again.”

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