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Tuesday Tip Jar: The Best Advice from the Week in Government Contracting

This week, TASC’s Al Pisani spoke about how to compete and win in a competitive environment:

“My strategy to compete is to act smart, act fast and to provide the solutions that fit our customers’ needs. To accomplish this, we must possess a deep understanding of the customer mission. Many of the folks at TASC have lived the missions of our customers, and I believe this deep understanding and appreciation for the mission is instrumental in competing successfully for work within our customer sets. It’s all about mission orientation and working side by side with our customers–whether it’s back in the laboratory or out in the field.”

Lockheed’s Don Morrison shared advice on how to navigate the difficult economic climate:

“We’re all experiencing the same things. What’s most difficult in this economic downturn is that Wall Street’s expectations are still growing. They want to see top level and bottom line growth–it’s not like we’re getting a free pass because the economy has experienced a downturn. My observation is that we are all working harder. The operating pace is extremely fast in my business area, especially understanding that my business stretches across virtually every world time zone. Although I do not think this dynamic has changed because of the economy, one thing that I have observed is that the competitions have become more rigorous and the campaigns are shorter in duration than they used to be. In the past, a large bid may have taken nine to twelve months to prepare, where now the customers are asking for submittal in ninety days.”

Attain’s John O’Neill spoke about how to develop a dynamic workforce:

“To create a high-performing work force, we focus on the “leadership engine”. There are many aspects of that engine that drive performance, including a compensation program that yields the right kind of raise, bonus and promotion structures and is closely aligned with the performance management framework. At Attain, we’ve spent a lot of time putting together a plan that will enable our people to set goals and be evaluated accordingly so that not only are they rewarded for their contributions to our business outcomes, but also for proactively driving their own career path development—moving through the organization and optimizing their own interests as employees. In addition, we have made available training programs that are key to the leadership engine in terms of specific job skills and leadership development.”

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