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Wes Bush Provides Details on Northrop’s Move to Va.

Northrop Grumman’s (NYSE: NOC) Wes Bush spoke to the Washington Post about his firm’s recent decision to move its headquarters from California to Virginia.

On moving away from L.A.:

“We’ve been headquartered in Los Angeles since 1939, and it is home to much of what we do. We have about 30,000 employees across California, so our decision to move our corporate office to Washington is not a decision to leave California. . . . But as we thought about our corporate office and our ability to serve our customer, it became very clear we needed to be here. This is where our customer base is headquartered. This is where the key decisions are made that influence the things we care the most about.”

How many people will be making the move:

“We have about 300 people at headquarters, and I think when all is said and done, about a quarter of those individuals will move.”

Does that mean there will be jobs open in Virginia?

“Yes, we don’t have exact numbers. But we will begin that process later this year.”

Why Virginia?

“Virginia stacked up very well. We are down to a small number of sites in the Falls Church and Arlington area. Those sites have the proximity we were looking for; all are within the Beltway. They meet our economic objectives as well as our economic incentive structure from the state and local governments.”

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