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Boeing Appoints Lockheed Martin as Subcontractor for NextGen

Boeing has chosen Lockheed Martin as a lead subcontractor to work on the FAA’s NextGen initiative, a 10-year, multibillion-dollar contract vehicle to modernize the current aviation system.

According to Lockheed Martin, the air traffic management business will “compete for future en route, terminal and oceanic air traffic control and systems engineering task orders under the FAA’s Systems Engineering 2020 (SE2020) contracting vehicle.”

The SE2020 contract vehicle was established by the FAA to demonstrate Next Generation Air Transportation System procedures within the current aviation system and will allow the companies awarded the contract to develop a four-dimensional aircraft profile, incorporating a new element of time to the already in-place 3-D operation of an aircraft’s latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Lockheed and Boeing will work together to support the task orders associated with NextGen.

According to “SE2020 will be an important platform for Lockheed Martin as we support the FAA’s NextGen efforts. We look forward to working with Boeing, its teammates and our FAA customers for a strong SE2020 partnership in the years ahead,” said Lockheed Martin’s Kathy Lane, who will serve as the deputy program manager on the Boeing SE2020 team.

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