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CEO Who Cares: Bob Dix of Juniper Networks

team110As vice president of U.S. government affairs and critical infrastructure protection for Juniper Networks, Bob Dix knows the importance of teamwork. He leads the company’s collaboration with government clients and uses his leadership skills to foster successful relationships with the federal sector. His guiding of his professional team requires a trained set of coaching skills, skills he knows a lot about.

Outside of his career, this “CEO Who Cares” pursues his passion for volunteering as an AAU girls’ basketball coach. Using his knowledge of team dynamics, Dix provides youth with the tools needed to develop their sense of communication, confidence and responsibility. In many ways, his coaching is as vital to the girls’ basketball skills as it is to the foundations of their character.

“I tell people that I have the great blessing that I get to try and change the world every day in what I do in my professional career,” Dix said. “Then, when I leave that, I get to try to change the world in what I do in my volunteer time and that is spent mostly coaching young people.”

Coaching a successful travel AAU basketball team isn’t the only project Dix has going on, however. He also serves as president of the Virginia High School League Foundation Board and as a member of the board of trustees for Youth for Tomorrow. He humbly described his efforts as a member of these foundations as “trying to help troubled young people learn more about hope and love, and what life presents them in a positive way.”

Dix also has a proven record as a coach. Under his leadership, Dix’s teams in two sports and two genders have won national championships at the youth level. While he is proud of his teams’ accomplishments, Dix sees the real victory in teaching these youths the value of ambition.

“I enjoy helping folks chase their dreams and achieve their goals,” he said.

His teams may see Coach Dix as an answer to their prayers of success, but this “CEO Who Cares” believes he is the blessed one.

“I get to teach kids about character and citizenship through sports and helping teach the next generation about their own set of responsibilities in their communities, so I truly am very blessed,” he said.

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