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Defense Firms Show Off Cyber Products at Arms Fair

As the annual Eurosatory arms fair continues to be underway, the world’s largest defense weaponry firms are getting a glimpse at the competition.

The exhibition, which is currently being attended by some of the world’s most advanced defense weaponry companies, put new tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons of more than 130 countries on display.

The fair highlighted some common themes that shed light on the future path of defense weaponry. That path is toward cyber defense, as all major defense companies were promoting their latest cybersecurity systems.

According to Cobham UK’s Chief of Staff Julian Hellebrand, “The digital battle space brings a new set of non-kinetic challenges. You can do anything there you can do kinetically.”

However, the firms are staying on their toes. While the exhibit is a good way to view the competitions products and systems, some people fear the fair may be the perfect grounds for people looking to steal sensitive and valuable resources.

The companies are conscious not to bring classified information, but the portable computers could provide a gateway right into sensitive networks. This could prove to be a goldmine for someone looking to steal intelligence.

The trade show, held June 11-18, had about 1,330 exhibitors and is held every two years in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris.

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