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For John Bordwine, Being Predictive is Key

ExecutiveBiz recently talked with John Bordwine, CTO of the public sector for Symantec, about his opinion of cybersecurity’s future and how he works to predict threats and manage the company’s information.

Bordwine focuses on organization to keep a solid grasp of where the next opportunity exists.

“Manage the data and manage the information very well, not only from a security perspective but also from a general IT perspective and you will be able to add value and understand what your best practices should be,” he said.

For Bordwine, the next opportunity is the expansion of data protection.

In regards to cloud computing, Bordwine believes vigilance is necessary to maintain security around information. He believes an infrastructure should have a high level of security, regardless of its location.

“We have to have the same level of protection within any data center, whether it’s sitting in a government agency building or it’s something we’ve outsourced to the cloud,” he said.

Bordwine finds being predictive is more vital than being reactive. On how to stay prepared, he said, “Know how to use information. Be able to pull the details around malwares, attack structures, and who actually is potentially provocating these attack structures.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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