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Frank Kist of QinetiQ North America Shares IT Words of Wisdom

Since his time as chief information officer at QinetiQ North America, Frank Kist has seen a lot of change and growth within the company. His vast experience and expertise in IT have helped his leadership skills move the organization towards improvement in services and reduction in costs.

In a recent interview with ExecutiveBiz, Kist gave some insight into what he has seen with QinetiQ and the evolution of security and privacy data.

With regards to how he has seen the company change since he became CIO, Kist explained:

“The culture has changed since arriving and now employees refer to working for ‘QinetiQ North America’ versus their legacy companies. The consolidation of IT ERP, CRM Intranet and Infrastructure has been significant in the support of one QNA.”

Kist explained in the interview these acquisitions aren’t the only thing that has changed with QinetiQ. The trends of security and privacy data have given the company a presence in Massachusetts, where the state’s PII law required the company to tailor to its needs. As for the future, “The next evolution will be the further protection of data at rest and in motion,” Kist said.

Kist also offered some helpful advice to anyone entering the IT field. He said, “They should understand that IT is not technology for technology’s sake, but the purpose is to solve the businesses requirements.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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