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Friday Features

This week, two executives from Northrop Grumman talked to ExecutiveBiz: Kathy Warner talked to TheNewNewInternet about how to work toward a more international collaboration to fight cyber crime, and HR pro Michele Toth spoke about how to recruit and obtain the best talent.

Diane Gongaware of Cisco spoke to ExecutiveBiz about some of the most important emerging technology trends in the next year.

Dr. Stephen Huffman of Mitre shared with ExecutiveBiz the goals he has for research and development over the next year.

AISG’s Carter Andress talked to ExecutiveBiz about his experience as a different kind of contractor, the contractor combatant.

And Dr. Charles Palmer talked to TheNewNewInternet about going from being a self-proclaimed computer geek in high school to leading a highly esteemed security department at IBM Research while teaching computer security at Dartmouth College.

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