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Gunnar Hellekson of Red Hat on Open Source, Common Misconceptions

Red Hat U.S. Public Sector’s Chief Technology Strategist and open source advocate Gunnar Hellekson recently talked to ExecutiveBiz about the nature of open source, its benefits, and common misconceptions.

“Macon Phillips, the new media director for the White House, called open source ‘the most concrete form of civic participation,’” Hellekson said. “I think he is right, because open source development is built around real work. It’s a catalyst or focal point to bring a bunch of parties together to work on common problems when they otherwise might not cooperate.”

Addressing some of the most common misconceptions about open source, Hellekson spoke of the lack of understanding of the process involved in open source.

“Once you look at the evidence, and this has been proven many times over, open source can produce better and more secure software,” he said. “Once people realize that, and understand that we are not a bunch of socialists who want to take all of their software away, or a bunch of kids working in our mom’s basement, and they realize we are real developers doing real, important work, they realize that open source is closer to the scientific method than socialism, they tend to be a lot more friendly.”

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

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