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John Koenig of Harris Talks Career Path, New Cyber Business Unit

Although he has spent only four weeks at his new job as vice president of operations for the new cyber business unit at Harris Corporation, John Koenig’s career at Harris goes back to the mid-1980s when he was working for the government systems group. He recently talked to TheNewNewInternet about his workplace, including what path led him to the company, his current responsibilities, and what the corporate environment is like.

“It is really great to be a part of the Harris team,” Koenig said. “We pull together; we strive to do the right thing. The integrity of corporation is unquestioned, almost to a fault, we always do the right thing for customers, we always do the right thing internally.”

As vice president of operations for the cyber business unit at Harris, Koenig said they have just gotten started with building the business with the right talent, tools, and processes to drive to significant revenue.

“The operations area provides everything from sales and sales support through solution delivery, all supported by our world-class client advocacy group,” he said. “We understand that with cyber offerings, you have to have a really trusted environment number one, and number two, you have to also have very close customer intimacy so that customers are willing to take what usually is an internal IT function and outsource that to you. You have to be trusted from a technology standpoint, and you have to have very tight relationships with your customers.”

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