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MITRE’s Dr. Huffman Shares Insight Into Future Goals

As Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the MITRE Corporation, Dr. Stephen Huffman has big plans for the company’s technological future. In a recent interview with ExecutiveBiz, Huffman shed some insight into how he has seen MITRE evolve and future goals he plans to develop within the next year.

Huffman has been with MITRE for twenty-two years and has seen a significant amount of changes in both the company’s responses to challenges and the evolution of its technological capabilities. His extensive knowledge has allowed for the company to adapt to these problems, and he described two of the changes he has seen in his career.

He said, “Today, in many cases the government is able to effectively integrate commercial products to deliver an information advantage rather than having to build unique capabilities to serve all of its needs.  I think the capabilities in technology and problems that our customers face are really the two biggest areas of change that I have seen.”

When asked about his goals, Huffman mentioned that plans to focus on cyber security and the protection of information systems. “Our goal is to develop technologies, tools, and techniques that enable systems to provide reliable and trustworthy information services even when they are under cyber attack,” he told ExecutiveBiz.

Huffman explained that MITRE’s company culture will allow for these goals to be completed.

To read the full interview, click here.

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