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Amazon Unveils Two New Kindles

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Amazon announced today the release of two new members to the Kindle family: an improved third-generation device, and a lower-cost variant that comes with wi-fi instead of global 3G wireless.

The third-generation Kindle boasts with a no-glare screen and a sleeker design that makes the device 21 percent smaller while keeping the 6-inch screen. It is also 15 percent lighter, has a battery life that lasts for up to a month, and the ability to store 3,500 e-books, which is double the storage compared to the second-generation Kindle.

The Kindle Wi-Fi is identical to the $189 Kindle, with the exception of the “go-anywhere” access. Users will be able to connect to wi-fi hotspots at home, on the road, or AT&T hotspots across the United States. The Kindle Wi-Fi also comes with a lower price tag: $139.

Customers itching to get these new decides in their hands will have to wait: Although both new Kindle additions can be pre-ordered today, they won’t be shipped until Aug. 27.

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