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CACI’s Paul Cofoni Discusses Future of Funding for Cybersecurity

According to CACI President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Cofoni, cyber threats are seen on three levels: cyber theft, third-party nation threat, and the cyber-terrorist threat.

Cofoni recently appeared on CNBC’s “Fast Money” program to discuss the future funding of cybersecurity within the coming year, which will be prioritized in these three areas.

When asked about the reason companies invest in protecting themselves against cyber threats, Cofoni said, “It’s a hard sell, because you’re not adding new function to the business; you’re simply protecting what exists today.”

However, Cofoni explained it’s vital to protect against these breaches before a terrible event occurs. He referenced the recent attention paid to cybersecurity as proof of its importance.

“Financial institutions, all of the critical infrastructures of our nation, the utilities have a keen focus in this area,” he said. “Government of course, the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Agency have a keen focus. A cyber command has been formed up here in Washington, and I think it’s getting a lot of emphasis right now.”

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