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Executive Profile: Lance Cottrell of Abraxas

Lance Cottrell

Lance Cottrell is chief scientist for Abraxas Corporation. He is responsible for corporate initiatives to advance privacy and information security issues across all domains of the company.

He is recognized as an expert in cryptography, online privacy, and Internet security and is a certified information systems security professional. He has created multiple Internet privacy and security technology patent applications.

Cottrell joined Abraxas in 2008 after it acquired Anonymizer, Inc., a company that provides online anonymity and identity management, which he founded in 1995. He continues to be the principal director for privacy and security initiatives.

Cottrell was exposed to the foundations of the Internet in the 1990s during his graduate studies in astrophysics in San Diego. In that time, he became involved in cryptography, which led to his interest in security and privacy tools for the online community and his later founding of Anonymizer.

He has been a speaker for conferences such as the Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference, Organization Economic Cooperation and Development in Europe, and the MIT Forum. He is a member of the Committee for Software as a Service with the San Diego Software Industry Council and an active member of InfraGard and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.

Cottrell earned his B.S. in Physics from the University of California in Santa Cruz and his M.S. in Physics from the University of San Diego.

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