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Pentagon Tech Expo Showcases Future in Defense

XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector

The Pentagon yesterday hosted its Technology Expo, with more than 40 companies exhibiting the latest in defense hardware and software.

Armed with Science examined some of the most interesting products, including the X-treme Protection Series Shield Line and the XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector.

X-treme Protection Series XPS Shield Line, which manufacturer Patriot 3, Inc. is marketing to law-enforcement agencies and the military, is a rolling bunker with a foldable ballistic shield that can provide an ideal source of cover. It has six panels–four of which can be removed and used as individual shields–that can endure high-powered rifle rounds. With side panels that can fold like wings, the XPS allows a unit to move through all commercial doorways.

“You can actually do offenses with this, as opposed to just being in a defensive position,” Brook Thomas of Patriot 3 Inc.’s ballistics division, told Armed with Science. “You’ve got a rolling bunker you can move forward as you advance.”

The American Innovations, Inc.-manufactured XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector helps locate IEDs and those making them by allowing troops to test any surface for trace amounts of the compounds used in commercial, military, or homemade explosives. It can detect even invisible residue of explosive elements like nitrates, peroxides, gun powder, chlorates, and plastic explosives like C-4.

“If someone’s coming through a checkpoint, and I find traces of plastic explosives on your hands, we’re going to have a conversation,” said Chris Boylan, American Innovations’ technical subject matter expert.

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