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CACI Honored for Excellence in Innovation

Image: Wolfgang Kraus

CACI International Inc has been recognized for Excellence in Innovation by the Profiles in Diversity Journal as part of the publication’s Innovations in Diversity Awards competition.

The CACI program honored was Deploying Talent – Creating Careers, which was created to expand the company’s diversity by reaching out to members of the Armed Forces. It was specifically developed to provide meaningful careers for talented veterans with disabilities.

According to Bill Fairl, CACI president of U.S. operations, hiring qualified, motivated workers is a top priority at the company, which means it actively establishes relationships with, and recruits from, a diverse pool of potential candidates.

“As we grow our workforce, we consider people not only for what they bring to our company, but for what they can contribute to our customers’ missions,” he said.

Developing a diverse pool of talented professionals expands CACI’s innovative solutions to provide the best possible support to its customers, said CACI CEO and President Paul Cofoni.

“Our Deploying Talent – Creating Careers program brings those who served our country back into the workforce to continue to support our nation’s critical priorities as they enjoy the opportunity to advance their careers with our company,” he said.

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