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CSC Mike Gaffney Comments on the Move of FAA Servers, Support Systems

CSC has successfully transitioned Federal Aviation Administration servers and support systems from the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center in Virginia, to the William J. Hughes Technical Center in New Jersey, a move that aims to update traffic-flow management.

“CSC is proud of the successful transition of support applications as this is a major step toward the FAA’s goal of creating a centralized traffic-flow management production center,” said Mike Gaffney, president of CSC’s North American Public Sector Civil and Health Services group. “As a trusted partner of the FAA for critical national programs, CSC brings experience and world-class capabilities in large-scale transformations and mission-critical solutions with lasting impact.”

The re-hosting of the applications was done to provide enhanced reliability and improved network security. System updates included new servers and storage area network technologies, a reduced hardware footprint using virtual servers, and new intrusion detection, anti-virus and security software under a modernized security architecture.

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