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Federal Execs Believe Cybersecurity Hurts Productivity

Image: Gilles Vallée

Citrix Systems, Inc. has announced key findings from a recently conducted survey on the impact of government cybersecurity measures on federal managers.

A majority of federal executives said that cybersecurity measures are affecting their productivity, with some key challenges involving discouraging mobility, inhibiting access to information, reducing computer functionality and response time.

More than half of respondents indicated that cybersecurity restrictions prevent them from getting information or using applications related to their job. And when those restrictions hinder federal executives from accessing information they need for their job, they regularly resort to often less secure methods of accessing it.

The report also found that lack of access and decreased computer performance as a result of cybersecurity negatively impacts productivity for federal executives.  More than half of those surveyed said cybersecurity restrictions have prompted them to access information from home instead of the office.

“This survey makes clear the challenges the public sector faces every day when it comes to the delicate balance of cybersecurity and productivity,” said Tom Simmons, area vice president – US Public Sector, Citrix Systems, Inc. “Today, there is really no need for any trade-off, particularly when we consider the availability of secure, FIPS-compliant, Common Criteria-certified virtualization technologies. Industry can truly help government realize high-level data security with no loss of performance, mobility or productivity.”

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