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Harry Greenspun: Healthcare Industry Should be Retooled

Dr. Harry Greenspun

Dell Inc. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Harry Greenspun has written a book with Jim Champy that details ways healthcare organizations can rework themselves to be more efficient.

Reengineering Health Care: A Manifesto for Radically Rethinking Health Care Delivery was released in June and takes into account current events shaping the healthcare industry such as electronic health records and adapting to the new healthcare bill passed by Congress.

The book uses case studies of the Methodist Hospital System, Lenox Hill Hospital ER and the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates practice to illustrate how organizations can turn themselves around to be more efficient and patient focused.

“Technology can indeed work wonders in improving healthcare delivery,” the authors wrote in the introduction to the book. “The problem lies in the application of the technology and, more basically, in the way in which the work of healthcare delivery has been organized.”

Greenspun and Champy outline in their book that improvements are possible by making technology more people driven and involving doctors and patients earlier in implementation processes.

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