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Job Seekers Get Help Finding Employment with Mobile Apps

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In a competitive market, many job seekers have found it’s not always enough just to browse the newspaper’s job section or online job boards.

New job-themed apps for mobile devices or iPads aim to do just that: give an edge to those looking for employment.

Many use innovative ways to search: WorkDigital’s Real-Time Jobs scans Twitter’s millions of posts each day to look for job openings. BeamMe CV sends out electronic business cards and resumes at the touch of a button, while Job Finder does an aggregate search of many job websites, saving users time and frustration.

Some standbys of the job search are even creating their own apps: CareerBuilder.com’s app finds jobs in job seekers’ neighborhoods using GPS, while Craigslist Pro runs searches continuously to alert seekers about new job postings.

Those on a budget or unemployed will be glad to know that many of the above apps are free or have a “lite” version, which is available at no charge.

The apps are also useful for people who still have jobs to keep up with their network contacts. As networking expert Susan RoAne told Forbes, “If you wait until you need the job, you’re out of luck. Your network should be up and running long before you need it.”

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