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NBTA Aims to Make Skies Friendlier for Business Travelers

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Last week, the National Business Travel Association appealed to the Department of Transportation to improve customer service for business travelers.

The three areas NBTA focused on in its report were expanding the requirements for tarmac delays; increasing denied boarding compensation for overbooked flights; and increasing airline fee transparency.

NBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick said the association commends the Department of Transportation for tackling complex service issues in a quickly shifting air-travel industry.

“Our recommendations reflect the broad-based consensus of the business travel community,” he said. “We believe that government should establish baseline operating standards for airlines, including providing business travelers and their companies with the information they need to make purchasing decisions. Beyond that, airlines should be free to make their own business decisions, and government should not be in the business of micromanaging airline service levels.”

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