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Tuesday Tip Jar

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This week, Rocky Thurston, vice president and general manager for Wyle Information Systems Civilian Programs Division, shared his advice about areas of opportunity for government partners:

“With the current administration’s agenda, budget outlook, and market dynamics, I believe health IT, earth science, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are all growing, viable markets within the civilian space. Most the federal civilian agencies have focused and sustainable missions in each of these major issues. Whether it is responding to natural disasters, preparing for financial reform, or protecting critical infrastructure, there is a need for innovation, transformation, and modernization and the federal civilian agencies are working to adapt and partner with companies like Wyle.”

TASC CIO Barbie Bigelow shared her ideas for managing an expanding application portfolio:

“It’s such an application-rich world. The challenge for all CIOs is to set up an architecture and governance framework that allows the leadership team to quickly see the business value of added functionality. If you don’t have the right level of focus, you’ll wake up one day and have 6,000 applications. It takes discipline to match the criteria with the business and maximize the functionality of existing apps.”

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