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5 Scary Apps Just in Time for Halloween

Photo: Paul Moore

Into vampires or werewolves? There’s an app for that. Here are our favorite spooky mobile apps, just in time for Halloween:

  1. For those who prefer treats to tricks, Decoretta lets users send messages to each other using templates filled with ghosts, goblins and other Halloween decorations.
  2. If you want to battle with the undead, All-in-1 ZombieBox is the app for you. In this package of apps, you can serve up a disgusting zombie pizza, battle ninjas, or defend your town from invading brain-eaters.
  3. Twilight fans will love Vampire Transformer, which allows you to turn yourself into one of the thirsty scary creatures.
  4. For the kids, HallowCarver is a great way to carve a virtual pumpkin without making a mess. Mess up your carving? You can easily start over without buying a new gourd.
  5. If you want to make your friends jump with fright, download the DevilVoice app. You can choose between morphing your voice into either a witch or a devil.

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