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Boeing, Aviation Industry Applaud Biofuel Agreement

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USDA and FAA have entered into an agreement to help farmers produce clean biofuel to be used for commercial transportation, Secretary Tom Vilsack announced last week at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Measures include implementation of the pilot Biomass Crop Assistance Program, in which USDA provides payment to eligible farmers.

“The Obama administration is aggressively supporting our nation’s farmers, ranchers and producers of biofuels as they work to bring greater energy independence to America,” Vilsack said. “BCAP will help the nation’s power, bio-based product, and advanced biofuel industries produce energy from sustainable rural resources and create jobs that will stimulate rural economies across the nation.”

Boeing is one of many industry leaders who has welcomed the deal, having begun development of its own biofuels.

“Through test flights with a number of our customers, we have proven that fuels made from plant matter and algae can power jet aircraft safely and efficiently, and we look forward in the months ahead to the approval of these fuels for commercial use,” said Boeing Vice President of Environment and Aviation Policy Billy M Glover. “The challenge then will be to prime the production pump, and bring biofuels to an attractive price point for airlines. Boeing is currently working with the USDA and the Air Transport Association on the Farm-to-Fly initiative, which seeks to encourage the production of sustainable aviation biofuels through U.S. agricultural policy.”

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