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CACI’s Zalmai Azmi on the Evolving Cyber Threat

Zalmai Azmi, CACI

Zalmai Azmi, CACI’s senior vice president, spoke to TheNewNewInternet about how he thinks the cyber threat will change over the next coming years:

“The changes are going to be in terms of sophistication. Over the last two decades, we have seen a change in cyber-threat environment. A black market has been created, where people actually sell scripts and bots and other malicious capabilities. The underground market for cyber hackers is huge. As these guys are selling their tools of the trade or techniques, they’re going to be more and more sophisticated in hiding in plain sight. This will be the biggest thing–that the threat is there and we are not aware. That goes with the sophistication of the environment. The second part of it is increased frequency of the attacks. We are monitoring that right now and we see a huge increase in the number of network attacks. I think that number is going to increase. And number three: I think we’ll see a lot of third-world countries that are not happy with the United States foreign policies and strategies, we’ll probably going to see a lot of cyber threats coming out of those areas.”

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