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CSC Recognized for Friendliness to Military Families

Photo: U.S. Navy

CSC has been named one of the top 10 employers for military spouses in the United States, according to Military Spouse Magazine.

The ranking was based on CSC’s policies toward those married to an active member of the Reserve called into active duty or armed forces. CSC also targets military spouses for recruitment in its Military Program.

“As a retired Army combat veteran and military spouse, with more than 20 years of active and reserve service, I am honored and proud to help other military spouses find opportunities within CSC,” said CSC Military Programs Manager Jacqueline Thomas.

She continued: “Many of America’s military spouses offer a variety of skills and educational backgrounds, which are critical in today’s workforce. CSC recognizes this deserving talent by offering one-to-one career assistance and job mobility throughout the world.”

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