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40 Percent of Bogus AV Strains Created in 2010

Image: Aloysius Patrimonio

Forty percent of all fake anti-virus (also known as rogueware) strains ever produced were created in the past year, according to PandaLabs.

In the four years since rogueware was first reported, 5,651,786 unique strains have been detected, of which 2,285,629 appeared between January 2010 and October 2010.

When comparing the number of rogueware specimens to the total number of malware specimens included in PandaLabs’ cloud-based Collective Intelligence database, 11.6 percent of all specimens are rogueware.

The sophistication and social engineering techniques used in creating rogueware are the basis of its success, as illustrated by the growing number of victims of these scams. So far in 2010, nearly half of all computers around the world have been infected with some strain of malware, almost 10 percent of which were rogueware infections.

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