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BAE Systems Artillery Makes Best Inventions List

Photo: DoD

The BAE Systems-designed explosive IMX-101, used by the U.S. Army, has been deemed one of the “50 Best Inventions of 2010” by TIME magazine.

The IMX line, standing for Insensitive Munitions explosives, will soon begin to serve as a substitute for TNT in the Army and Marine Corps. It is much more stable than TNT when exposed to fire, shocks or other accidental impacts, making it safer to transport and use in battle.

“The key ingredient to the development of IMX-101 is our strong partnership with our Army customer,” said VP and General Manager of Ordnance Systems Jerry Hammonds. “We are proud of the performance of IMX-101 because we understand its significance to the safety of our troops and their ability to accomplish their mission. Our professional team of research and development chemists and engineers, coupled with a highly skilled manufacturing workforce at Holston, will continue to provide energetics solutions for our military customers.”

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