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Boeing to Mass Produce Most-Efficient Solar Cell

Photo: Holger B

Spectrolab, a subsidiary of Boeing, has started mass production of the C3MJ+, the industry’s most-efficient solar cell to date.

The cell converts an average of 39.2 percent of the solar energy absorbed. The previous series, launched in 2009, sold more than 2 million cells worldwide. The new line is slated to launch in January 2011.

Solar panels have recently been installed on buildings ranging from the White House to major sports stadiums in an effort to reduce energy dependency and save costs.

Russ Jones, Spectrolab director of CPV business development, said the company has set a goal of 40 percent average production efficiency for terrestrial solar cells in 2011.

“These more-efficient cells are drawing interest from a number of current and potential customers,” he said. “Last year, we set a new world record for efficiency with a test cell that peaked at 41.6 percent. Given the new cells’ close similarity to our existing production cells, we believe that our current C3MJ customers will be able to easily upgrade for more efficiency.”

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