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Bright Ideas: Dell, Facebook Partner with Alliance to Save Energy

Photo: Christopher Meder

The Alliance to Save Energy has unveiled three initiatives aimed to help people save energy and help the environment.

The organization has partnered with Dell to launch www.livingefficiently.org, a website that informs people about how to save energy in their homes, offices and more.

Dell gave $50,000 toward the site’s development, which features videos of NASCAR driver Leilani Munter demonstrating ways to save energy. Dell also has worked energy efficiency into its products, and its new desktops and notebooks can reduce power consumption by as much as 95 percent.

Facebook is another partner of the organization, who is using the platform to spread the word about energy savings through advertising, joint events and promotions of the Dell-sponsored website.

Jonathan Heiliger, VP of technical operations for Facebook, said: “We are excited to partner with the Alliance to Save Energy to raise awareness more broadly of the critical importance of energy efficiency and to help share some of the technology we have developed to improve energy efficiency practices throughout the world.”

In addition to its two partnerships, the Alliance to Save Energy is running a series of videos promoting energy efficiency on the CBS Super Screen in Times Square. The videos will run once every hour for the month of November.

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