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Every Click Helps: Google, SAP Join Online Micro Volunteering Service

Photo: Yurok Aleksandrovich

Tech company the Extraordinaries has launched a website aimed at working people who say they would like to volunteer, but do not have enough time.

The site, Sparked.com, allows people to complete small projects for nonprofits online, only taking a few moments of their time.

Some of the companies volunteers can assist the Grameen Foundation, the Surfrider Foundation, the United Way, the American Red Cross, Room to Read, and First Aid Corps. The skills involved could include anything from search engine optimization to copy-editing to graphic design.

Many large companies are already onboard, with Google employees gaining access to the site last week. Kraft Foods and SAP have also joined.

“Micro-volunteering complements our longstanding traditional volunteer program through an on-demand platform that brings targeted, high-impact experiences straight to the employee, on their desktop or mobile device,” said SAP Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Sirima Sataman. “This approach will inspire creative thinking, teamwork and will serve as an outlet for our employees to share their unique professional expertise with the nonprofit sector.”

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