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HP to Reduce Carbon Footprint at UN Climate Change Conference

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HP will provide more than $8 million worth of technology for the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference being held in Cancun, Mexico this winter, the company has announced.

The Mexican government cited HP’s environmental record as the reason why it won the contract, lowering the carbon footprint of the conference. The HP products to be used include PCs, environmentally friendly Energy Star Printers, networking equipment and other technologies.

“HP is playing an important role in reducing the overall carbon footprint and emissions at this year’s Climate Change Conference through the innovative use of technology,” said HP VP of environmental sustainability Engelina Jaspers. “HP’s solutions represent a potent catalyst for change toward a low-carbon economy, and a meeting of this scale provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate both the environmental and business benefits of our technology.”

The Mexican government will continue to use the technology after the conference, which will take place Nov. 29 to Dec. 10.

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