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IBM Supercomputers Top Green List

Photo: Aleksandr Lukin

The supercomputing “Green500 List”, sponsored by Green500.org, has named next-generation IBM prototype Blue Gene to be the most energy-efficient supercomputer on the market.

The acclaim mirrors many tech companies’ new emphasis on sustainable technology, both for industrial and commercial customers.

The next-generation Blue Gene is 77 percent more energy efficient than the next system on the Green500 list, the report said. The supercomputer is slated to debut in 2012 at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory.

Other than winning the top prize, IBM held more than half of the top 100 positions on the Green500 list.

Energy-efficient supercomputers save not only costs in power but in cooling expenses. These high-powered systems are used for astronomy, climate prediction, particle physics and pharmaceutical research, among others.

“IBM’s next-generation Blue Gene provides a glimpse of the discipline needed to improve power efficiency in order to allow the industry to build exascale-class systems capable of solving highly complex challenges,” said Rick Stevens, associate laboratory director for computing at Argonne National Laboratory. “Running such a powerful computer so efficiently shows that we can balance the demands of the advanced simulation and modeling community with environmental concerns.”

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