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New FBI Data Tool Helps Take a Bite Out of Crime

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The FBI has rolled out a new database tracking tool that will make it easier for law enforcement to measure and track criminal acts.

The Uniform Crime Reporting Data Tool allows searches by year, agency, and type of offense, and can be easily exported to spreadsheet format for analysis. Previously, those searching for crime information had to search through annual reports and then manually compare data.

The tool follows a digitization trend that is happening across government agencies in the United States, such as electronic health records and cloud computing.

For now, the tool provides statistics for local law enforcements of cities of more than 10,000 in population and counties of more than 25,000 in population from 1985 until the present. Violent and property crime from state and federal authorities from as far back as 1960.

“It’s a flexible, user-friendly way for our contributors and users to access the FBI’s UCR crime data,” said Robert Casey, chief of the Law Enforcement Support Section in the Criminal Justice Information Services division.

The Data Tool is part of an attempt to streamline the UCR database, which the agency hopes will lead to quicker turnaround times for publishing.

“We’re working hard to modernize and revitalize UCR,” Casey added. “The Data Tool is one step toward that goal.”

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