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Report: Online Video Not Kid-Proof

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Most online video sources are not doing enough to protect children from adult content, according to a report by the Parents Television Council.

The report, “Untangling the Web of Internet Video,” rates Hulu, Fancast, /Slashcontrol and AT&T’s online video sites. Among the findings were lack of parental control options, unrated or incorrectly rated programs, and missing indicators of violence, sexual content or coarse language.

Out of the 602 videos viewed for the study, 46 percent were unrated and openly accessible, regardless of content.

“This study should serve as a wake-up call for any parent concerned about their child’s access to graphic or indecent material,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “In addition to greater parental involvement in kids’ media choices, we call upon these online video service providers to immediately adopt and implement more effective age-appropriate content gating procedures. We also urge advertisers to take responsibility for the content they support on these video platforms and improve efforts to ensure that adult products are not marketed to children.”

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