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ScanLife App Helps You Pick the Perfect Gift

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Holiday shopping can be difficult. Stores are jammed full of indiscernible products and crowds of people. Consumers need help picking out the right present, and a product’s barcode does just the trick.

UPC codes are found on every product sold in a store, and each one links to a variety of useful information that can give consumers an edge on their holiday shopping. UPC codes can be read by using apps on smartphones, such as Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

“Barcodes offer the capability to extend the consumer -purchasing decision far beyond the small product placard on the store shelf,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy.

Shoppers can comparison shop by scanning the barcode of an item at the store and be given a list of online retailers that sell the same product at a lower price. Consumers can then use this information to try get the store they frequent to price match.

Scanning a barcode can also be used to locate a hard to find “hot products.” When the product’s barcode is scanned, the shopper will recieve a list of retailers selling that product with inventory in the area.

ScanLife readers can save shoppers time and money while taking the stress out of holiday shopping.

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