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Siemens’ New Medical Imaging Technology Could Improve Diagnoses, Save Time

Photo: Daniel Schmid

Siemens’ breakthrough combination magnetic resonance tomography and positron emission tomography device  debuted today in clinical use at the Munich Technical University.

The Biograph mMr allows doctors to view position of internal organs, their function and metabolism all in a single image, work that previously had to be done by multiple devices. By combining functionalities, Siemens says the device will save clinical space, patient exam time and money – all key concerns of a healthcare industry facing rising costs.

According to Siemens, the Biograph mMR could lead to changes in diagnosis of many diseases, including cancer and dementia, as it could detect location, type and activity of a tumor in one image.

Combining the technologies of PET scans and MRIs was a feat because of interference in magnetic fields, according to Dr. Hermann Requardt, CEO of Siemens’ Healthcare Sector.

“We can master the challenges of our healthcare systems only if we detect diseases as early as possible and treat them appropriately, while keeping an eye on costs,” he said. “Our Biograph mMR is a tool for doctors, enabling them to more quickly and accurately collect information on the type, stage, and progress of cancers, for example. The system may also be suitable for monitoring the progress and effectiveness of therapies. The Biograph mMR at the hospital Rechts der Isar clinic is a milestone in image-based diagnostics.”

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