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Verizon to Issue Identity, Digital Data Sharing for Healthcare Professionals

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Verizon will begin issuing electronic identity credentials to some 2.3 million medical professionals in the United States starting in January, the company has announced.

With the login data, medical providers can access a unified portal that provides digital health information like electronic health records, e-prescribing services and receive medical information in a secure inbox.

The identity credentials also meet new federal requirements for security in accessing and sharing patient information that come into effect in mid-2011.

Verizon said it will issue the credentials at no charge to physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.

“For years, the U.S. has been talking about the concept of digitally sharing health information and we are now on the cusp of making this a reality,” said Peter Tippett, Verizon VP of innovation and technology. “Verizon is lowering the barriers to compliance and adoption by providing health care professionals with a universal means to access virtually any system, anytime, anywhere. We believe this is a significant step forward for health IT.”

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