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3-D Technology Newest Training Tool

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Who said you can’t play video games at work? Certainly not the Secret Service.

Beginning in the spring, the Secret Service will train its officers using 3-D models and gaming technology.

Funded by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, the new system is designed to represent real-life situations using the latest computer software.

Previously, the agency trained using miniature models of an airport, outdoor stadium, urban gathering space and a hotel interior.

With 3-D technology, the virtual “Tiny Town” becomes more lifelike and flexible, enhancing the training exercises.

The 3-D training system, Site Security Planning Tool, offers an array of new training tools, simulating various scenarios such as chemical attacks and bomb threats.

SSPT presents its users with options to create, manipulate and test security plans. The system shows both third- and first-person viewpoints, and projects a virtual walk-through of the scenario.

The system is set up in three kiosks, each with a 55” Perceptive Pixel touch screen with an attached projector and camera. A computer runs the simulation game, Virtual Battlespace.

Each kiosk handles a team of four students. The team’s security plan is displayed on a large wall-mounted LED 3-D TV monitor.

The system is designed for both new recruit training and advanced training. Future plans will include health effects and crowd-behavior scenarios.

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