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Boeing Flies into Ethiopia on Mercy Mission

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Boeing announced today a continuation of its joint venture with Ethiopian Airlines and Seattle Anesthesia Outreach to deliver medical equipment to Ethiopia’s Black Lion Hospital.

The mercy missions began in December of 2010 when Boeing assisted in the delivery of anesthesia equipment.

Boeing’s latest relief flight landed in Ethiopia yesterday. Ethiopian Airlines collected the 2,700 pounds of medical supplies Boeing delivered, and flew them on to the hospital.

The supplies were delivered in advance of a group of 28 Seattle doctors, nurses and technicians traveling to Ethiopia next month as part of a humanitarian effort.

“Through collaborative efforts such as this, Boeing is able to help bring relief to people around the world,” said Liz Warman, director of Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship for the Northwest region. “Black Lion Hospital provides free medical care to the poor and this equipment will improve capabilities there.”

Boeing, fellow airlines and nonprofits have partnered since 1992 in the Humanitarian Delivery Flights program, flying medical supplies, clothing, and educational materials to regions in crisis in empty cargo bays of new airplanes being delivered.

In 2008, Boeing flew supplies and medicine to China, after an earthquake shook the country. Boeing has also flown computers to schoolchildren in South Africa, and wheelchairs to a disabled children foundation in Mexico.

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