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Does the Moon Rock Come With It?


What would a property listing from NASA look like?  Sprawling ocean front industrial complex available, retractable ceilings give the building a sense of grandeur, the spaciousness of the compound perfect for stargazing.

While it seems ridiculous, NASA may soon be putting “For Rent” signs on buildings at its Cape Canaveral facility. As the space shuttle program winds down, the agency is considering options to fill empty buildings.

NASA announced this week plans to lease space at its Kennedy Space Center. The agency released a notice of availability and request for information from companies pursuing space-related products and services.

“Kennedy has been working for some time to enable commercial space activities at the center that are in line with NASA’s mission,” Kennedy Center Director Bob Cabana said. “Partnering with the commercial space industry will help NASA meet its goals and help sustain facility assets to support our nation’s space objectives.”

Facilities being considered for lease are grouped into four classes and include launch pads, a vehicle assembly building, orbiter processing facilities and the shuttle landing facility.

The list is preliminary and subject to change.

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