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Ericsson Makes a Difference in Pakistan

Image: groundreporter

The Pakistan floods devastated the country affecting 20.5 million people, with one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area lying underwater during the peak of the disaster.

The floods damaged optical fiber cables causing service blackouts across the country, including Warid Telecom’s network in Balochistan.  The service blackouts severely hindered the rescue efforts around the country. Warid asked Ericsson for assistance in restoring service to Balochistan.

Ericsson came to the rescue of Warid, and the company transferred traffic from the damaged optical fiber network to a satellite –based aperture terminal system. Service was soon restored to Warid’s network, and aid could be given to thousands in need.

“We really appreciate the efforts of (Ericsson’s) Customer Support, who went out of the way to restore services in a critical situation,” said Umar Farouque, head of Warid’s Pakistan operations.

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