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GovCon Executives Recap Davos

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A number of GovCon executives are remarking about the hot topics and outcomes of this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Mark Foster, group chief executive of consulting for Accenture, said the goal of the WEF this year was to create a risk framework to prevent global economic crises from happening.

“The need for business leaders, governments and NGOs to talk and find answers, is clear,” he wrote in a blog post for Forbes. “One thing seems certain, that technology innovation and current economic dynamics are driving the need for agility, flexibility, new business models and sustainable growth.”

Developing markets were a hot topic, with many companies professing a desire for expansion.

James H. Quigley, Deloitte’s chief executive officer, said his company would invest $500 million in these high-growth markets in the next three years.

“The interdependence of all the players in the global economy has never been more clear,” he told the The Wall Street Journal.

Cybersecurity was also on the agenda, listed as one of the top five risks in the world by the WEF’s Global Risks 2011 report.

“Cybersecurity has officially gone prime time,” Michael Fertik, founder and CEO of Reputation.com, told Reuters.

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, remained optimistic about retaining government customers, reported the WSJ. The reason? Technology can often help reach goals governments are now pushing for to save costs and increase efficiency.

“Even if there are austerity programs within governments, they buy tools,” he said. “There are places where it helps.”

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