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IBM Integrates Nation’s Healthcare Data to Improve Patient Health

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IBM and Premier healthcare alliance plan to integrate health information from across hospitals and other healthcare sites, the company announced today.

More than 2,400 hospitals will benefit from this plan to help improve clinical outcomes, reduce waste and prepare for new methods of delivering care required by health reform.

IBM and Premier will create an industry-first technology platform to gain insight on and improve the health of patients.  The platform will help hospitals and health care providers work together to avoid overuse of procedures, re-admissions and unnecessary ER visits.

“For the first time, all members in the healthcare system will be able to easily access data that is consistent and unified to help reduce preventable harm and waste,” said Susan DeVore, president and CEO of Premier. “This has been the missing link in helping move the mark on evidence-based medicine by using new insight to transform the quality and cost-effectiveness of care. It’s a win-win-win for providers, patients and payers – care is more effective, people are happier and spend less time in care settings, and excess costs are reduced.”

According the IBM, “Results from Premier’s QUEST initiative show the improvements that could be made in the inpatient setting alone by incorporating this type of data sharing model. The project’s 157 participating hospitals saved an estimated 22,164 lives and reduced healthcare spending by $2.13 billion. Estimates projected an additional 64,000 lives and $23 billion could have been saved if all hospitals in the country had been able to achieve results similar to those in QUEST.”

“Without access to this data, the majority of providers simply cannot offer the type of accountable care that regulations require and patients deserve,” said Dan Pelino, general manager, IBM healthcare and life sciences. “Our work with Premier will help clinical, administrative and financial decision makers easily and efficiently access information that could improve care. This is a necessity to transform healthcare delivery, bending the cost curve while improving the quality of care.”

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