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Ion Audio Designs Device to Digitize Books

Image: Ion Audio

A new device designed to digitally copy books might give publishers a run for their money.

According to a story on Engadget, Ion Audio, a company that helps vinyl-record owners digitize their music, says it will introduce a device called the Book Saver sometime this summer.

Book Saver allows people to easily transfer their favorite stories directly to a convenient SD cards. ION said the Book Saver is capable of digitizing a 200-page book in 15 minutes.

The Book Saver, which will likely cost $150, places a book into the scanning cradle, and the device’s cameras will make color copies in second.

“Once converted, the books can quickly be transferred to a computer or e-reader,” Ion said on its website. “Book Saver is the only device needed to quickly make all your books, comics, magazines, or other documents e-reader compatible.”

According to an article on Cnet.com, devices like Book Saver will make it easier for people to share books online, much like sharing music online, but the process is still not as easy as downloading music.

Engadget says there’s no automated way to turn pages, so the owner needs to lift the device to turn every page.

In the future, devices like Book Saver may pose a problem to publishers, but right now downloading books is not as easy as downloading music.

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