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Microsoft Hits Mark with New Windows Devices at CES

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft revealed several new devices at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, ranging from a new Surface device, to new avatar capabilities on Xbox, a new multitouch mouse and numerous new Windows form factors.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was the keynote speaker at the event, which took place in Las Vegas.

“The best is yet to come,” Ballmer told the audience when he provided updates on Kinect for Xbox 360 and Windows Phones.

He said the new products were the result of big technology bets Microsoft has made, including those on the cloud, natural user interface, new smart client technology and machine learning.

Ballmer went on to say this is an exciting time for Microsoft, partners and customers across the board.

Here, is a list of new Microsoft technologies brought to the showcase:

New Windows Laptops, Tablets and Slates

Several Windows 7 PCs set were revealed, including the Acer ICONIA laptop, which has two 14-inch, multitouch displays – one as a screen, and one where the laptop’s keyboard is traditionally located.

The Next Generation of Microsoft Surface – LCDs That Can ‘See’

Ballmer unveiled and demoed the new Microsoft Surface on stage, showing a thinner device that enables thin LCD screens to “see” without the use of cameras.

New Xbox Avatar Capabilities on Display

Avatar Kinect uses facial recognition technology to let a person not only control their avatar’s movements, but also to project their expressions onto their avatar. When they smile, frown, nod and speak, the avatar will do the same.

Copy-and-Paste Coming to Windows Phone 7

A series of Windows Phone 7 updates are coming over the next few months, including adding the copy-and-paste feature and improving the phone’s performance when loading or switching between applications.

Touch Mouse Brings Multitouch to Fingertips Windows

“The Touch Mouse lets users do everything they’re used to doing with a mouse, such as point and click, but adds multitouch functionality that helps them navigate Windows 7 easier and faster with a flick of a finger,” said Hrvoje Benko, a researcher with Microsoft Research Redmond who helped develop Touch Mouse.

Flickr Apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 Synced with Azure

The Flickr apps will have an embedded connected-device synchronization to share content between the two device types. So no matter what device consumers use to access Flickr content, they’ll see the same context, the same photo, and the same app.

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