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NYC Mayor Wants to Turn the Big Apple Green

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg; Photo nyc.gov

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s initiative to promote the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable construction began its greening work this week.

Working on the assumption brokering relationships between various green technology players encourages research and development, the NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center connects academia, green technology and manufacturing companies and building owners seeking green technologies.

As part of research and development, the center plans to maintain a green research database and will host a series of community building forums.

Green products developed with the center will be featured in occupied buildings, allowing for real-time testing. In return for showcasing, building owners are eligible for discounts on the featured products.

“We will never meet the ambitious carbon reduction goals in PlaNYC unless we reduce the emissions from New York’s one million existing buildings,” Bloomberg said. “By bringing together New York City’s business innovators, academics and building owners, the NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center will capitalize on some of our city’s greatest strengths, creating jobs and helping realize our vision of a greener, greater New York.”

Run by the Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science through its Center for Technology, Innovation, and Community Engagement, the NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center hopes to partner with corporations dedicated to advancing green technology.

IBM plans to join the partnership. According to Dr. Katherine Frase, vice president of IBM research, collaboration on cloud computing, real-time analytics and supercomputing are underway.

“This approach will help building owners in the city increase the attractiveness, efficiency and sustainability of their real estate through significant improvements in how they use energy, water and other resources,” she said.

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