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Trendy Tech Toys Trump Traditional PCs

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Landfills and recycling centers may soon be filling up with unwanted desktop and laptop computers.

In a report released last week, Deloitte predicted consumers flee the PC and flock to smartphones, tablets and netbooks in 2011. Sales of these products are expected to account for 50 percent of electronic sales.

Smartphones alone may prove to be the PC’s undoing: packing a powerful punch and presenting consumers with viable options to the PC.

The tablet is expected to come into its own in 2011. No longer viewed as a toy, the tablet will become more professional as demand grows. Deloitte predicts 10 million will fly off the shelf and many will find homes in industry.

Operating systems are expected to remain varied, with no one taking the market lead. The company that establishes its product as the go-to system for non-PCs may be sitting pretty in 2012.

Online privacy will continue to be a hot-button topic, but in spite of pending legislation, Deloitte doesn’t expect much change. Self-policing within the industry is expected to have greater impact.

Mobility and individuality will drive tech successes in 2011.

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