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Citrix, HP, Intel, GTSI Donate to Wounded Warriors Project

From left: Tom Simmons (Citrix Systems), Christine Hill (WWP), Mike Wilson (WWP), Brendan Hart (WWP), John Molino (WWP), Allen Greene (HP), Mohamed Elrefai (GTSI).

What would happen if one day a year everyone in, or associated with, the government turned off office computers, printers and other non-networked peripherals before heading home for the evening?

Last year, the Government Accountability Office reported the federal government is the nation’s largest energy consumer. In the wake of those findings, Obama issued the GreenGov challenge.

Following the spirit of the challenge, Power IT Down Day encouraged civilian agencies, the military and contractors to turn off all computer equipment on one day a year to conserve energy.

Power IT Down Day 2009 involved 5,600 participants and saved 73,000 kilowatt hours. Power IT Down Day 2010 recorded 17,639 people participated with a savings of more than 210,000 kilowatt hours.

Here’s where a green cause turned golden. How much would wounded veterans benefit from the energy costs saved?

Citrix Systems, Inc., HP, Intel and GTSI wanted to see how much energy civilian agencies and the military could save by that one simple act, and in return, the companies pledged the money saved to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The WWP is a nonprofit dedicated to providing services to injured military members. WWP programs include physical and mental rehabilitation, educational programs, information technology training, and employment assistance services.

Power IT Down Day 2010 was such a success, at the end of the campaign, Citrix, HP, Intel and GTSI presented the WWP with a check for $60,000.

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